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republicans like to be able to push to president obama and this administration, because this is the key thing they have been trying to fight since it was passed. so the employer mandate, which has been pushed off for small businesses, really because of all the forms and difficulty. it's 10 pages of instructions for small businesses to try to figure out how to even fill out the forms. so the individual mandates a little bit simpler to understand. you buy insurance or you pay a fine. that's it. you go on the health exchange that will be set up in october for those who are uninsured or don't have insurance through their companies, they would have to buy it starting in october for enrollment in january. >> the white house says never mind, we'll do it the way we're doing it. >> there's probably other things they wind up having to slow walk or push back because they know they are not getting any help on trying to implement this and they know it's very complicated. >> lets move over to the senate now. there's an effort by senate democrats to change some of the filibuster rules. >> yeah, this is very
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1